- Sports Bar -


Inside Sports Bar located at ground floor of  the Red Planet Hotel in Makati, serves you breakfast even at 2pm. Come here to enjoy a good time watching sports, tasting cocktails, sampling the menu and even Karaoke and live bands.


Insider Waitresses

Come and get served by our super helpful waitresses and enjoy a relaxing time with all the sports you can fathom!


Live Band

Every week we have bands playing live music and you can even join singing if you have a voice 🙂

insider happy hour Heineken
insider happy hour San Miguel

Out-door Seating

If the air-conditioning is to much step outside and have your meal and drinks in our relaxing out-door patio.


Everyone is welcome!

Insider Sports Bar is a place for the young and old, bike lovers and runners, tourists and locals even expats are welcome 😛 see you down here.